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Anyone know of any?  A friend of ours was asking, and I wasn’t sure what to recommend.

There are plenty of books devoted to the home cheesemaker.  But we’re looking for a book that covers home dairy animals – selection, breeding, milking, management, birthing, the whole shebang.  A section on home cheesemaking would be a plus.

A lot of our books are too generic, I think Storey’s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats is probably the closest.  But I want something one step up.

If I was more experienced, I think I might write the book. 😉  Maybe one day …


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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and in case you need a few ideas of thing to do or places to eat this weekend in the Lynchburg area, I thought I would share my favorites.


Saturday, the Lynchburg Community Market is host to the 3rd Annual Chocolate Challenge.  I blogged about this earlier in the week, and now have some official news.  Tasting tickets are $5 each and available the day of (ie: Saturday, at the market).  Tasting starts at 10am so get there early and purchase your ticket!  While you’re at the market, check out the local vendors both in the Heritage Crafter’s Gallery and the weekly market vendors with delicious produce and baked goods.  There was talk of a joint chocolate and wine pairing between Chocolates-R-Us and Chateuau Z Winery!

Local Eateries

Main Street Eatery is hosting a special  Valentine’s Day Gala Menu as well as their regular menu AND their special OysterFest menu.  I’ve only eaten at Main Street once, the night of our wedding, and it was delicious.  A little on the pricey side, perhaps, but well worth it.

Other fun places to celebrate a special day around Lynchburg includes Mangia, dish, Bull Branch, Waterstone Pizza (and be sure to get the hot crab dip!), Robin Alexander, Isabella’s, Millstone Tea Room (with a focus on fresh, local, and humane), and Machu Picchu.

And for a special brunch on Valentine’s Day (since it is on a Sunday this year) check out Basic Necessities in Nellysford (reservations necessary for this lovely small restaurant), Neighbor’s Place, and Isabella’s (with a focus on local ingredients).

Great Gifts

The Lynchburg area is home to a wonderful group of artisans each with unique interests.

  • The Community Market is home to the Heritage Crafter’s Gallery, open daily, with a variety of vendors selling everything from goat milk soap (Dixie Soaps) to bird houses to beautiful paintings and greeting cards to doll clothes to hand crafted furniture (Sticks and Stones).
  • Brookneal is home to Night Sky Farm, a local Grade A Goat Dairy producing fresh cheeses, goat milk soap, and even laundry soap!  Jennifer has designed some lovely soaps with Valentine’s Day in mind.  It’s also that time of the year when Jennifer puts out her Chocolate Raspberry chevre! (I tasted it at the last Chocolate Challenge and it’s good!)
  • Local goat milk soap producers include Shantara Acres and Delectable Hills.  You can buy Shantara’s soaps online, but Delectable Hills soaps are only available on-farm at this time of the year.
  • Give the gift of great wine.  The Lynchburg area is home to several great wineries.  Chateau Z, in Amherest sells at the Lynchburg Market.  Also, in Brookneal, there is Sans Soucy Vineyards, available at the winery’s on-site tasting room and at the Lynchburg Market.  Sans Soucy is a member of the SoVA Wine Trail.  Both wineries at the Lynchburg Market offer tastings.  The Lynchburg area is also extremely close to the Bedford Wine Trail, hosting unique wineries such as Peaks of Otter (specializing in fruit wines, not necessarily from grapes).  In nearby Nelson County, you can find a host of fine wineries and breweries with delightful offerings — including some of my favorites, Lovingston Winery (by appointment only) and Devil’s Backbone Brewery.
  • A gift of luxury?  What’s better than a massage or pedicure?  Luckily, Lynchburg is home to some amazing spas and salons.  Acorn Hill Lodge & Spa offers a chocolate truffle body wrap that is divine.  Trust me, I know, HB gave me one for my birthday last year.  And if you’re looking for a manicure or pedicure (or both!) in Lynchburg, look no further than the Parlor Spa downtown.  The Parlor Spa offers their signature mani and pedi which is amazing, complete with a massage.  The Spa is small and inviting, offering you a glass of wine or a bottle of water while you enjoy your pampering.  Their heated massage chairs are the BEST!  While you’re at it, include lunch at the new Market at Main (I’ve heard their sweet potato pancakes are amazing) just around the corner.
  • Need a last minute gift?  Check out these fun local stores!  The Beeswax Candle Company has a beautiful selection of candles crafted from beeswax, some made right here in Lynchburg!  Their store front downtown has more than just candles, featuring local artists’ paintings, jewelry, and housewares.  Looking for a big gift?  Check out Lynchburg’s own Thomas A. Johnson Furniture Co. for a selection of beautifully crafted furniture.

*Vintage Valentine’s cards from Curly Wurly and Vintage Holiday Crafts.

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got soap?

Eventually I plan to learn how to make my own goat’s milk soap, but in the meantime I’m buying it from friends that produce it locally.  I figure that once all four does are milking, we’ll have plenty of extra milk to let me experiment with soap making.  Anita has already agreed to give me a lesson or two!

Why Goat’s Milk Soap?

Since ancient times, milk and milk’s products have been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.  Goat’s milk has been used for soap making for thousands of years.  The great Cleopatra was known to bathe in goat’s milk!

Goat’s milk contains has high amounts of protein, fat, iron, vitamin C and vitamin D, vitamin B and Vitamin A.  Goat’s milk is high in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous.  With its natural emollients, goat’s milk soap helps nourish your skin and replenish moisture levels, relieving your skin of dryness and leaving it feeling soft.  These beneficial nutrients will help replenish and pamper the skin gently.

Another interesting fact about goat’s milk soap is that it has the same pH level similar to that of our own skin.  Because of this fact, goat’s milk is gentle on our skin, leaving it naturally healthy.  Goat’s milk soap also contains natural alpha-hydroxy acid, a natural exfoliant element that removes dead skin cells.  With all of these exciting things going on in a simple bar of soap, no wonder dermatologists are recommending goat’s milk soap for use in patients who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, and acne!

Shantara's Goat Milk Soap

My friend Anita at Shantara Acres Farm is starting a weekly give-away for two bars of her delightful goat’s milk soap, made from the very goats that let me experience my first goat’s milk.  To enter the contest, you have to answer questions, typically pertaining to dairy goats … but then, when did learning something new harm you?  I suggest you head over to her blog and enter!  While you’re there, be sure to check out the pictures of her four new kids!  They’re irresistible!

*By the way, the soap shown above is available at the Shantara Artfire Shop.  Pictured is the “Morning Essential” soap – a beautiful layered soap, scented with the essential oils of lavender, lime, peppermint, orange, and litsea.

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