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Sunrising Kaboom Gatlin

Gatlin has been on the farm for nearly a week now.  He has settled right in to the routine and is really a pretty nice little fellow.  He enjoys interaction and I’m glad we have the wethers for him to socialize among.  They play and jump on the toys and have a grand time together.  He’s slightly larger than Bogart, but they seem to get along well.  A good thing, since Bogey is staying on the farm.

Gatlin has our routines down pat, he’s a quick learner.  He knows when to ask for his twice-daily milk bottles.  He’s the first to dig into the feed dish when I put down fresh food.  We have had to modify our hay feeders – he manages to just barely fit his head inside the slats and then get it stuck.  But only on the corner slats, so we’ve widened them a bit and there’s no problem anymore!

I’ve been working on his leading, and his manners are really quite good.  I want to make sure that as he gets older he’s still easy to handle.  I’m trying hard not to turn him into a pet though!

We dewormed him the day after his arrival, and also gave him a CD&T shot, so that he is current.  I didn’t want to over-stress him by doing everything the very first day he arrived.  At this point, my goal is for him to stay well mannered, grow, and thrive.  Then this fall, he’ll get to show his stuff. 😉

He’s a rather good looking addition to our little herd, don’t you think?


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Meet Gatlin. (who is green because he was just tattooed)

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early (oh wait, that’s nothing new…) to be on the road by 6am.  Destination: Columbus, NC – think west, then south, then spend a little time in South Carolina before going back into the great state of NC.  More specifically, destination:  Sunrise Farm.

A few months ago, when trying to decide on a buck to add to our herd we started seeking out various breeders in the general area.  With our does having a lot of Iron Rod and some Walnut Fork breeding, we wanted to expand our horizons and get a buck with great breeding, conformation, disposition, and with a good milking background.

So, let me introduce Gatlin, our purebred French Alpine buckling.  Sired by Nodaway Reprise Kaboom, and out of Oakmoon Oakmoon WVW Ganache.  We are very pleased with Gatlin’s manners and conformation and think he will be a great addition to our herd.

I’ll to get better pictures soon, but thank you very much to the Forsters at Sunrise Farm for this handsome fellow! 🙂

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