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Today, work was just one of those days.  One of those days where you say to yourself, “I’m going home and drinking a beer.”  And here I find myself, not one, but two, beers later.

Jenna wrote on Monday about a similar situation.  Maybe without the beer.  She didn’t mention it.

I came home this evening to HB making dinner and all the barn chores needing completion.  I started with feeding the dogs, since it was raining and Hershey was outside (Chester, with his bad back is on indefinite cage rest and attends work with me daily).  Then the chickens, then letting Huck into the barn lot for exercise.  I fed Huck,  milked Jacqsonne, fed Abba and Memphis, fed Xenia, fed Sweet Roll, cleaned Huck’s’ stall.  Then I fed the cats and wrapped up the night putting down fresh bedding.

It’s amazing what having 20+ mouths to feed does to your perspective.  It gives you something worth doing.  Otherwise, like Jenna, I likely would have come home, curled up with a snack and a beer (well, pre-HB, that would have been the case), and snoozed the night away.

So to all the animals out there on the farm that depend on me, thank you for keeping me in line. 🙂

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Snow Day!

Yes, we have another big snow storm here in South Central Virginia. At last check, several hours ago, we had around 8 inches. It has been snowing steadily through the day and is expected to continue through the night.

Luckily, unlike the last snow, I didn’t have to work today and have been able to thoroughly enjoy a lazy snow day. We’ve caught up on a lot of reading, web surfing, and visiting with our neighbors. We plan on ordering some seeds for our garden and some cultures for cheese making. We just finished cooking a pot of pinto beans on the stove and are about to start on some cornbread to go with them. We’ll have an early dinner of beans and cornbread and the in-law’s up the hill, then return to the barn for evening chores. We’ll milk Jacqsonne tonight which should give us just over a gallon of milk on hand. Then we’re planning to pasteurize our milk and make a batch of cheese. Perhaps chevre, or maybe some mozzarella since we recently tasted some amazing goat milk mozzarella.

Huck, bundled in his heavy blanket, spent the better part of the morning outside in the barn lot behind the barn. I left the door open to his stall and he enjoyed wandering in and out, getting to talk with the other horses and stroll around in the snow. Around 11am I brought him back inside to dry off and warm up with a flake of alfalfa.

This afternoon I used my handy dandy sled to take a few flakes of hay out to the far shelter, where the elderly mare, Coco, was hanging out away from the snow. Of course, by the time I tromped through the snow to reach her, she was ready to canter across the field towards the other horses at the other end of the pasture. Oh well, there will be a few fresh flakes waiting for her when she returns!

I let Hershey go out with me on my walk, and she had a blast running around in the snow. She adores snow and would spend hours outside in sub-freezing temps if you let her. Chester, our Dachshund cross, on the other hand, would rather die of an exploding bladder than step into the snow. You have to coax him out with the thought of treats. 😉

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