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Kitten Yin-Yang

Meet Olive and Squeaky.

Apparently, Gatlin isn’t the only new addition to the farm this week.  These kittens belonged to my neighbors and through a series of unfortunate/fortunate events (depending on which side of the fence you’re on), they are now residing in the barn!  Destined to be barn cats, for now these little guys are living it up inside the barn apartment.  I had forgot how much FUN it is to have kittens at home!

Both females, Olive is the tortoiseshell and Squeaky is the calico manx – yes, the little calico has no tail!  I took the girls to work on Friday for their first set of shots and deworming.  All my co-workers played with them.  They were a hit!  Although the consensus at work is that Squeaky should be re-named Feta, HB is adamant that the name not change. 🙂


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on a warm, sunny day:

Curious cats climb inside and settle down for a warm afternoon nap!

Seriously, look at the udder contentment on that face!

I left him alone and let him sleep in the car for a few hours before he finally decided to help me work on the raised beds.

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Today, work was just one of those days.  One of those days where you say to yourself, “I’m going home and drinking a beer.”  And here I find myself, not one, but two, beers later.

Jenna wrote on Monday about a similar situation.  Maybe without the beer.  She didn’t mention it.

I came home this evening to HB making dinner and all the barn chores needing completion.  I started with feeding the dogs, since it was raining and Hershey was outside (Chester, with his bad back is on indefinite cage rest and attends work with me daily).  Then the chickens, then letting Huck into the barn lot for exercise.  I fed Huck,  milked Jacqsonne, fed Abba and Memphis, fed Xenia, fed Sweet Roll, cleaned Huck’s’ stall.  Then I fed the cats and wrapped up the night putting down fresh bedding.

It’s amazing what having 20+ mouths to feed does to your perspective.  It gives you something worth doing.  Otherwise, like Jenna, I likely would have come home, curled up with a snack and a beer (well, pre-HB, that would have been the case), and snoozed the night away.

So to all the animals out there on the farm that depend on me, thank you for keeping me in line. 🙂

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The mercury’s rising to somewhere in the 40’s today … maybe even the 50’s.  It’s been weeks, I feel, since we’ve seen such warm temperatures.  All the animals are enjoying the warm sun –

Memphis is napping.

Sweet Roll and Donut are using each other as pillows.

Jacqsonne's so tired she needs the gate as a headrest.

Abba, whose belly is getting bigger, needs to rest her ankles 😉

Junior naps on any available surface - this morning, it was my legs.

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Obviously, the blog has a new look.  Welcome, my friends, to the newly-revamped, but always the same, Cornbread and Chickens.

My work schedule was arranged this week so that I have the pleasure of having Thursday and Friday off.  In return, I have to work Saturday, which will mean an early, quick trip to the market before work.  I’ve spent the better part of this morning, after the animals were tended, working on the layout.  Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the updated look.

If you’re looking for the list of blogs and websites that used to be to the right of the screen, you’ll now find them under the “Favorites” tag at the top of the page.  Information about me, the family, and the farm can be found under the “About” tag.  Soon I hope to have a page devoted to the animals as well.

Entertainment this morning has been provided by the movie, Cold Mountain, on the television and one of the farm cats, Buddy, romping through the barn apartment.  Almost two weeks ago Buddy did a number on his paw and had to have sutures put in above his paw.  Because of his injury, he’s been inside with us for the past week and a half.  I’m pretty sure HB can’t wait for Buddy to go back outside.  I think Junior (the other barn cat) is incrediably upset that Buddy gets to live inside while he remains outside.  Junior is always trying to get inside.

Last Saturday we got our Christmas tree – I have a post devoted to that coming out soon, but HB has the camera in his truck – and put it up this week.  It looks lovely this year.  I’ve been terrified every day I would come home to find it toppled over, or ornaments scattered through the barn apartment, compliments of Buddy’s boredom.  So far, we’ve been lucky.

We got the culture results back on Sweet Roll’s skin.  Of course, the primary antibiotic we were using is useless – the bacteria is resistant to it.  Now the question is, did it become resistant after a long course of treatment or did is start out resistant in the first place?  Either way, we’re waiting for the pathology report to come in before starting a course of treatment.  The vet is certain there is more to the infection than just a bacterial component.

And so, life continues here on the farm as Christmas quickly approaches.  I was able to meet Becky, who owns the three does we’ve purchased, last weekend at the market.  She was in-town for the day, and it was nice to finally meet her and discuss the girls with her. We’ll pick them up on New Years Day and I can’t wait. 🙂

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Peeping TomOnly our “Tom” is really named “Junior” and he stalks our front door and kitchen windows. 😉

Junior came to us earlier this year, attracted to the barn by our other cat, Buddy.  I tend to refer to Junior as “Buddy’s cat” but also as “Me too” because he follows Buddy everywhere and does whatever Buddy does.  He’s a very chatty cat (I also call him the “chatty catty”) and will sit outside the doors and windows to the barn apartment yodeling his cat meows until I inevitably give in and go outside and give him a cuddle.  Hard to believe this is the same cat that wouldn’t let us touch him just six months ago!  I used to feed him, and one day I just gathered my courage and reached out and grabbed him.  An instant ice breaker, he’s never been the same since and regularly accompanies me on my evening walks with my horse Huck.

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