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This past Sunday we had the honor of supplying a friend’s wedding with some of our goat cheeses!  We often barter with our friends for fresh veggies and salad greens (nothing like greenhouse-grown bok choy in January!), so we were thrilled when they asked us to supply cheese for their wedding!  All the food offered at their wedding was fresh and local, what a statement!

A few months ago we sent them a sample platter with the varieties of chevre and other cheeses we’ve been playing with.  They chose four varieties of chevre: plain, herb, chipotle, and pepper.  We also supplied a few chunks of feta for inclusion in their salad.

Photo by Spring Mill Farm

HB went over Sunday afternoon to deliver the cheese and set it up on platters.  The platters were old slate roof tiles and absolutely gorgeous.  While he was working the photographer came over and took some beautiful pictures of our cheese!  The picture above was taken by HB.  You can see them on the photographer’s blog.

Our best wishes go out to Chris and Melissa!


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Off of the Rockfish Valley Highway in Nellysford, VA, in a small building toting a gas station, bakery, and natural foods store, is a little hole in the wall restaurant called Blue Ridge Pig. It’s easy enough to find if you follow your nose to the smokey goodness that presides.  Prepare yourself for something delicious.

Imagine from Quinn Creative

Before stepping inside, take a moment to enjoy the outside decor.  Summed into one word, I would call it “pigaphanalia.”  From the road sign (featured above) with a happy dancing pig touting “roasted … sophisticated … smoked meats and sandwiches” to the big pink pig made from an old gas tank over the front entrance, you know you’re in for something special.  Passing through the screen door, you enter the seating area surrounded by dark wood and a variety of tables and chairs.  Everywhere you look (and there is not a lot of space), you see business cards.  They are stapled to the walls, the ceiling, and the windowsills.  One wall is devoted to articles about the restaurant, articles from various newspapers and magazines (including the prestigious Gourmet) praising the food.

Behind the counter you will find “Strawberry,” looking like a wild mountain man (and I mean that adoringly) cooking up delicious creations of beef, pork, and chicken with a secret barbecue sauce.  In our household, barbecue is a special thing.  I’m from North Carolina, home of the vinegar-based sauce, while HB, being a Virginian is partial to a tomato-based sauce.  I’m not sure where the sauce at Blue Ridge Pig falls in to place, but it definitely goes under the title of “amazing.”

After driving by Blue Ridge Pig for several years now, this past Saturday we finally decided to give it a try.  We were not disappointed!  Eating an early lunch, we both ordered BBQ pork sandwiches with cole slaw and fresh squeeze lemonades.  The sandwiches came on a type of crusty roll crossed with a bagel.  The sauce, slightly spicy with a slight vinegar twist and maybe a hint of mustard was generously dolled out over smokey, slow cooked pork.  So good!

Aside from a variety of BBQ sandwiches and croissants, the Pig also offers BBQ plates that come with two sides, options including: baked beans, macaroni salad, and cole slaw.  With the exception of the ribs plate, most menu items can be had for $10 or less.

Blue Ridge Pig

2190 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Nellysford, VA 22958

(434) 361-1170

Open daily 11am to 8pm

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